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LOAR Mecanizados has been exclusively machining and mounting sub-assemblies for a global leader in the manufacture and sale of punching shears for more than 30 years.

This experience allows us to be highly competitive when machining medium / large pieces to plan. Our welding stations and paint booths give us the opportunity to deliver finished pieces.

LOAR Mecanizados offers the following services.

Machining medium / large pieces to plan. Different processes to optimize both individual pieces and large series GibbsCAM, 3D Solid Works.

  • Installation and adjustment of mechanical assemblies and subassemblies
  • Welding
  • Paint booths and drying degreasing and phosphating bath.

Equipment Details


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The BENDHOR Horizontal Bending machines are designed for fast, precise and safe folding, bending and straightening operations in different sections and grades.

Our TECHNICAL OFFICE develops customised tools in response to the specific needs of the different bending situations proposed by our customers.

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Accessorios Industriales LOAR, S.A. developed this range of Horizontal Folding-Bending Machines over 25 years ago. We found that the use cold bending, despite the complexity of some common pieces such as hinges, clamps, flanges, etc., could be carried out by simply equipping BENDHOR Horizontal Bending Machines with a particular tool.

Similarly, we found our BENDHOR machine one of the most highly recommended supplement to any Vertical bender.

We found that acting on another level, enabled additional folds to be created, which would be difficult to achieve with a vertical folding machine.

Our experience has shown that for certain folds (greater thicknesses, shorter lengths) our BENDHOR Horizontal Press machine is not only ideal, but avoids discompensations and errors in vertical folding. Offering protection and longer life.

Currently the BENDHOR range of Horizontal Bending Machines consists of the following degrees of force.


Work pieces painted with liquid paint in an over-pressurized environment. Drying by convection in a ventilated atmosphere. Controlled treatment of the process products.

  • Two GEINSA paint and drying booths.
  • Enclosed space (width-depth-height) 3,780 x 3,340 x 2,860 (mm).
  • Degreasing and phosphating immersion tank.
  • Preparation areas.

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