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BENDHOR 50 > CNC (1 axis)

Piston force 50 Tn, with a 350 mm stroke and an impressive cast steel oversized table.  These characteristics give great rigidity to the structure, allowing   work on heavy parts and opening infinite possibilities to develop special tools (bending Ø50 mm solid bars).
Standard machine tools: 2 Toolholders, 2 Toolholders spindles, 1 Die for 60º  V = 70 and 1 Punch 60º.
Two options for the folding control: WHEELS or CNC.

maquina bendhor 50 cnc 1e

Salient features:

Steel table
Hydraulic equipment
Control wheel/Touch Screen
Toolholder spindles
Different dies and punches
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications (*) UNITS VALUES
Bending Capacity KN. 500
Table size mm 800x1630
Working height mm 960
Travel mm 350
Work speed mm/sec      10
Positioning Speed mm/sec 4
Motor Power KW 5,5
Maximum pressure Bar 250
Oil tank capacity Litre 80
Net Weight kg 1790
Tool holder shaft diameter mm 80
Maximum flatbar bending capacity (420 N/mm2 mm 150x25
Maximum pipe diameter (< máx. 90 º )   2"

(*) Specifications subject to change without notice.

Bendhor machines can be equipped with tool and customised devices that extend the possibilities of the machine thus improving productivity and quality of work.


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